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Lord Lee Harrington C.B.A.

Phone 01424 854848
Direct Number 07908679411

East Sussex

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Lord Lee Harrington C.B.A.

The Federation of Small Businesses
Chapter: Hastings BNI

Business, Peer to Peer Support

My BusinessAs experts in business, the FSB offer our members a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government. Our aim is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions I work with FSB in 1066 area East Sussex & Kent to recruit new members. All views expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of the FSB, or its membership. We are here to help small businesses both new and existing and to provide the support that larger businesses take for granted. Free legal advice including support with employment law, taxation advice, health & safety issues and business law. We also offer a host of other rights of membership to help you save money and protect and grow your business. We have in excess of 200,000 members and at the moment companies are joining at a rate of 3000 per month. You will also benefit from all the networking opportunities that come with being a member of the largest business club in Europe.