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David King

Phone 07831 313131
Direct Number 07831 313131

David King
3G Ltd
1-3 Bridge Place
TN31 7LN

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David King

3G Ltd
Chapter: Hastings BNI

Telecommunications, Telecommunications Equipment

Ideal Referral1. Marshall Tufflex St Leonards On Sea 2. Saga. 3. Yodel.

Top ProductHorizon Hosted Telephone System integrated with a Fleet of Mobile Devices

My Favorite BNI StoryA visitor came to a meeting and arrived early (no traffic on the road) and met the earliest arriving member of the Chapter (a printer) at 5:45am. In the referral round she passed a referral to the printer to maybe print some magazines. It turned into over 400 magazine titles worth over £3 million to the printer. HERE IS THE POINT ... THE PRINTER NEARLY HAD TAKEN THAT WEEK OFF ... THE GUEST NEVER CAME AGAIN ... WHICH MEETING ARE YOU MISSING NEXT?????

My Ideal Referral Partner1. Commercial Estate Agent 2. Commercial Architect 3. Commercial Buliding Services Specifier. 4. Commercial Landlords.